I carve foam. Starting in 1998 I got bored, picked up some packing foam and a razor blade, and started playing. Wrist pad man and styro man were the first. As you go down from Wrist pad man the carvings get a little more complex and better. Experience. :) The items pictured below consist of, foam (different colors), paper clips, staples, pieces of cut up CD ROM disk, and hot glue. Update 1/7/09...I was working somewhere that had an endless supply of pink foam. After having taken a long break from carving, I decided to make an elephant for a nice girl at work. Then another for someone else I liked, then I noticed I was getting a little better all the time. So I started cranking out harder and harder designs, and I must say I am pleased with the results. The pink elephants, dolphins, monkeys, flying pigs, shark, dragons (top 2 pink and grey), and Pegasus were all done between late 09 and barely into 2010.

I can be emailed at getthis801@yahoo.com if you wish

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8/21/08 Suzilla Lives!

wrist pad man and styro man

The car

Biplane made from 17 inch monitor box packaging styrofoam.

3 views of biplane

Female form with aztec head


Mountain w/ birds


His Master's Voice




                     Bear                                     Bird                              Bull

3 stages of the Gargoyle

The Dragon




And now, its time for me to move on to wood. Foam has been good for me, it got me where I am today. And today I finished my first wood scuplture.

"A Big Enough Lever"

This is my second wood carving, Raaar! Moved up to Black and Decker uber dremel. Danger! Danger!

"Sheild good."

The following pictures are from an old cube at a boring job, which I had turned into a point of interest.