Photos shot with 35 mm cameras on Kodak and Afga film.

Girl raar. Idle chat. Snow in the desert. brrrrrr.

Purrrrr. The beach high contrast. Lizard rock. The valley floor below.

Booo!. S. portrait. Girlz!!! New hair and the pose.

Ex in flowers. Cute rugrats. Kel in da surf. Mark flying the eagle.

Photos shot mostly with Canon Powershot S3 and some with Pentax Optio S4.

August sunset. Cool evening one. Cool evening two. Sunrise tree stand.

Far hills in mist. Trees and light. House on yonder hill. Trees and light 2.

Cat blanket. Roseburg, mom's poarch. Self portrait in motion. Mouse beware.

Collision! Cruising over St. Mary's. Away he goes. Early, cold, John is  ready.