Around 1997 I purchased my first good computer, and was able to start playing. First I acquired Photoshop and Bryce, then I spent a good deal of time figuring them out. From there I decided what I needed was a web site, for no reason other than it was free. Where else do you use custom graphics made in Bryce and Photoshop anyway? Using my newfound graphics abilities I started making all the buttons, banners, whatever I needed for a web site.

There is a page of animated gifs I made for people on a forum long ago. I used Photoshop, and a gif animation program to make them.

In 2001 for my old boss I created Paul's Custom Wallpapers, using Bryce for the landscapes and Photoshop for the lettering, as a joke, and it is still up.

Web site design and creation

To start it was all about theft. I would just browse around the internet until I saw something I liked on a site. Then it was view source, copy and paste, and this is how I learned HTML. Eventually I found other things I wanted, and started stealing JAVA scripts and some JAVA applets.

So time spent in Photoshop, Bryce, Notepad, and some other little programs resulted in my first web site, Livewire’s page of Wonder, presented here in most of its 1997 splendor.

In 2000 for my squad in the game Subspace, I created The Boobsss home page, with an optional alternate JAVA version. Pretty.

In 2004 I solicited and was awarded a contract with Matvei Finkel to design, create, implement, and maintain . This continues to the present.

And my current domain is on which I mostly have aerial photos. Learned some cool PHP tricks on this site from a buddy, for one a counter that isn’t dependent on ne one else! Woot. And just started playing with JAVA Lightbox, it is coolio.

New September 2008 is born. Don't quit your day job.