I make candles when it's not so freaking cold outside, actually it has to be warm to do it right. Now it's cold, and I have'nt made any in a while now. But I will make more one of these days, still got all the junk and even some wax.

In addition to making candles, I also carve foam. It all started one day when I was doing a job that was so boring, I could do anything I wanted, which made it even more boring. I was walking back to my cube, when I noticed a piece of grey foam lying on the floor and I thought I bet I could carve my name outta that and it would be cool.

And it was.

Then I made names for all the guys in my group, then for others in the company. Next I started just screwing around and carved an Aztec stone head thang, or Easter island if you like, and found the more I did them, the better they got. And thus my love of carving foam was born. Foam is the ultimate carving medium, because it's flexible and forgiving, and you can carve it with a standard razor knife, one with a long blade anyway. I have also carved in Styrofoam, but grey foam is the best. All the carvings pictured below consist of, foam (different colors), paper clips, staples, pieces of cut up CD ROM disk, and hot glue.

wrist pad man and styro man

The car

Biplane made from 17 inch monitor box packaging styrofoam.

3 views of biplane

Female form with aztec head


Mountain w/ birds


His Master's Voice




                     Bear                                     Bird                              Bull

3 stages of the Gargoyle

The Dragon




And now, its time for me to move on to wood. Foam has been good for me, it got me where I am today. And today I finished my first wood scuplture.

"A Big Enough Lever"

This is my second wood carving, Raaar! Moved up to Black and Decker uber dremel. Danger! Danger!

"Sheild good."

The rest of the pictures are from my old cube at the boring job, which I had turned into a point of interest.